Refund Policy

Updated Monday February 25, 2019 by Christina Drake.

As a non-profit organization, we try to keep the costs as low as possible to ensure everyone has a chance to participate.  We are forced to make decisions on equipment, uniforms, formation of teams, availability of coaching staff and pay these expenses months before the season starts to ensure everyone has what they need to play football and cheer.  Due to these facts that we must make these decisions so far in advance refunds will not be issued after your player / cheerleader is registered.

The league discourages participants from registering only on condition of specific team placement or coach assignment.  In the event players are not drawn to a specific team, placed with a specific coach or partnered with specific players, even if requested, refunds will not be issued.


Refund for illness or emergency will require documentation and will be at the discretion of Milford Mustang Board of Directors.