Football Information

Updated Sunday February 17, 2019 by Milford Mustangs.


Fees Football:

Instructional (Grades 1 & 2 max 110 lbs.) 

Freshmen (Grades 3&4, max 125 lbs.) 

Junior Varsity (Grades 5&6, max 150lbs) 

Varsity (Grades 7&8, max 220lbs) 



Safety is a taken first and foremost in the Mustang organization and all equipment and uniforms are kept in proper order meeting all safety standards. A $300.00 uniform deposit is required to replace any damaged or unreturned equipment. All coaching staff are CDC concussion certified.



Volunteers are important and we rely on help form our members. Members agree to sign up to a minimum of 6 volunteer hours. 2 of the 6 hours are required to be in the concession stand. A $200.00 volunteer deposit will be held in the event a family does not meet its volunteer minimum. Volunteer registration will take place on our when available. You will still be required to sign in on the clip board at the main gate and in press box.


Practice/Games/Coaching Staff

Practices will be held at Milford High School and will begin the second week of August. Practices are limited to 5 days per week prior to the start of school, and not to exceed 6 hours per week once school is in session. Each division will play 7-8 games (not including potential playoff games) 4 of which will be held at our home field. If you are interested in coaching, please fill out coaching application (found on our website, and submit via email to .This year coaches will undergo training and instruction including coordination with Milford High School Varsity staff in an effort to increase the cohesiveness and familiarity of the style of football within the Mustang’s organization and what will be played at the next level.



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